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Request Tags

Here's what to do if you need tags.

Tagging season begins August 15, but we also have special programs to monitor breeding monarchs and overwintering monarchs.

We provide tags without cost to citizen scientists in the southwestern United States. Please contact us at the email below to let us know how many tags you feel you will use. We do ask that you send your data frequently so we have it on hand for future sightings.

Please take a few minutes to review Tagging Monarchs and let us know if you have any questions.

Starting with its inception in 2003, the Southwest Monarch Study used blue tags. We switched to white tags from 2012 to 2014 to help with recoveries in Mexico. In 2015 we will once again return to blue tags. Sometimes a tagged monarch is seen at a great distance so the number cannot be read. When this happens, we can tell it's a Southwest Monarch Study tag by its blue color.

To request tags, just email


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