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How to fill in the forms

You will need to record the following information when you tag a butterfly:
  • Tag #—List the number on the bottom line of the tag that you will use on the Monarch. Be sure to include all numbers and letters. Need tags? Click here
  • Tagger Name—You! If you are working in pairs, list both names.
  • Date—Record the date. You can use any format Excel recognizes, but it will be displayed as "MM/DD/YYYY"
  • Location—Description of the tagging. For example, Boyce Thompson Arboretum
  • GPS Location—Choose your preference of Latitude, Longitude or UTM.
    • Latitude, Longitude— There are three formats for degrees and you can use any one of them.
      • DD.DDDDD° for decimal degrees
      • DD° MM.MMMM' for degrees and seconds
      • DD° MM' SS.SS" for degrees, minutes and seconds
        You can use spaces instead of the degree sign (°), minute sign ('), and second sign ("). The decimal point and the digits after it are optional. In the spreadsheets, leave UTM fields blank.
    • UTM Coordinates—On the paper form, use Latitude for Northing and Longitude for Easting. In the spreadsheets, leave Latitude and Longitude blank.
  • County & State—List the county and state where you capture the Monarch
  • M/F—Record whether the Monarch is male or female. Can’t tell? Click here
  • Condition—How does the Monarch look? Does it look fresh and new—or tattered and faded? Not sure? Click here
  • Activity or Nectar Plant—What was the Monarch doing when you caught it? If it was nectaring on a flower, what kind of flower was it? If you are not sure what kind of flower it is, describe it the best you can or take a picture of it.
  • Wild or Farmed—Any monarch you net and tag is almost certainly Wild. For releases of farmed (purchased) butterflies, use Farmed.
  • Comments—Anything else you think is important!

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