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How to fill in the forms

You will need to record the following information when you tag a butterfly:
  • Tag #—List the number on the bottom line of the tag that you will use on the Monarch. Be sure to include all numbers and letters. Need tags? Click here
  • Tagger Name—You! If you are working in pairs, list both names.
  • Date—Record the date. You can use any format Excel recognizes, but it will be displayed as "MM/DD/YYYY"
  • Location—Description of the tagging. For example, Boyce Thompson Arboretum
  • GPS Location—Choose your preference of Latitude, Longitude or UTM.
    • Latitude, Longitude— There are three formats for degrees and you can use any one of them. You can use spaces instead of the degree sign (°), minute sign ('), and second sign ("). The decimal point and the digits after it are optional. Don't use E, W, N or S. Latitude is always North, a positive number between 0 and 90. Longitude is always West, a negative number from 0 to -179. If they are not in the right form, the computer that processes the database can't digest them. In the spreadsheets, leave UTM fields blank.
      • DD.DDDDD° for decimal degrees
      • DD° MM.MMMM' for degrees and minutes
      • DD° MM' SS.SS" for degrees, minutes and seconds
    • UTM Coordinates—On the paper form, use Latitude for Northing and Longitude for Easting. Since all of our tagging area is in zone 12, you don't need to enter it. In the spreadsheets, leave Latitude and Longitude blank.
  • County & State—List the county and state where you capture the Monarch
  • M/F—Enter M for male, F for female, or unknown. Can’t tell? Click here
  • Condition—How does the Monarch look? Enter 1 for poor, 2 for good, 3 for excellent, or 4 if it looke like it just eclosed. For examples click here
  • Wild, Farmed or Protected—If you netted the monarch, enter W for Wild. For releases of farmed (purchased) butterflies, enter F for Farmed. If you found an egg or caterpillar and protected it in a cage until it eclosed, use P

    for Protected.
  • Activity or Nectar Plant—What was the Monarch doing when you caught it? If it was nectaring on a flower, what kind of flower was it? If you are not sure what kind of flower it is, describe it the best you can or take a picture of it.
  • Comments—Anything else you think is important!

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